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Past production: Kalabanté Productions: CIRQUE EN AFRIQUE

FEBRUARY 10, 2024 at Bayside Secondary School, Quinte West

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Reviews and Feedback

Cirque Kalabanté performs in Belleville on February 10, 2024. Created by Yamoussa Bangoura, who’s also a musician: “It’s an energy in my culture: the food we eat, the music we play, the way we drum… We even have storytelling in the show. This African circus: it’s the life we live in Africa. When I go back there, I go fishing, I see people singing, I see the crazy tumblers on the beach, I see the villagers: it’s all there in the show.”

"In the dazzling production, expect a vibrant parade of dancers, contortionists, gymnasts, and equilibrists, as well as highly skilled musicians—think saxophone, bass, an array of percussion instruments, and the haunting kora (an African harp made from a split calabash), Bangoura’s voice ever rising above a lot of the gravity-defying feats. Moments range from the serene and otherworldly to the heart-pumping, with all the elements coming together to tell a story about stolen dreams, redemption, and the importance of working together as a community."
The preceding are excerpts from the review: Kalabanté grows from the streets and beaches of Guinea to a thriving circus school in Montreal by Janet Smith February 24, 2022 Cultivating Creativity — Celebrating African Culture in Quinte by Kodie Trahan-Guay February 1, 2024 Belleville Intelligencer

A Message from the President

Welcome to the home of African Arts. We’d like to invite you to come and visit us, attend our concerts and workshops, and visit the website often to see all of the exciting programs that are lined up. At the African Arts Institute, we seek to promote, present, research, educate, and entertain, with the lens of Africa to the world. We share this as a platform that will foster various aspects of African arts, both expressions of sculpture, expressions of music, dance, theatre, storytelling, drumming, chants, songs… We bring it as much as possible, the insights of Africa that keeps Africa together, that keeps the people of Africa alive worldwide – the arts and culture of Africa. We seek to bring the ancient to the fore, and to research and explore further how today’s world can share the saturated ideals and ideas and values of Africa in our present day lives. Workshops, concerts, gatherings of various forms – webinars, seminars, conferences, various outlets of communications. You are always welcome to join us. Welcome, and welcome! Shidaa.  (Thank you.)

Dr. Isaac Akrong

Programs and Services

Educational Initiatives

Coming soon: immerse yourself in the richness of African arts and culture through a range of educational resources available online and in person for people of all ages. 

Artistic Development

We offer ongoing learning and professional development for artists at all stages in their careers, in areas such as dance, drumming, singing, theatre, storytelling, and more.

Community Engagement

Spread the joy by becoming involved in community initiatives such as drumming ensembles and storytelling circles. Invite us into your organization or community, or join us as a volunteer or intern.


Experience the thrill and excitement of live music through our annual concert series (summer and winter). Play the drums in an ensemble or a workshop. Attend webinars and workshops. There is something for everyone! 


Interested in purchasing drums or other musical instruments? We offer a variety of drums and instruments direct from Ghana, West Africa. Contact us for details.


Coming soon: Explore resources on African arts and culture through our resource library and archives. Join us in fostering research through research grants, seminars, and educational workshops.

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