African Arts Institute

Programs and Services

Coming soon! Our “Programs and Services” page will be a place where you can explore, engage, and immerse yourself in entertaining and educational arts experiences.
Whether you are here to learn, create, connect, or celebrate, our programs and services will offer an array of enriching experiences.

Upcoming Educational Initiatives

Online Learning Platform

Bringing the richness of African arts and culture to your fingertips through a range of educational resources available online for individuals of all ages.

Online courses, virtual
workshops, educational videolibrary,
interactive forums.

Youth Engagement Initiatives

Fostering a love for arts and culture through a series of programs and activities.

 Art camps, school
outreach programs.

Friday Drumming Sessions

Weekly and one-off drumming classes with Master Drummer Isaac Akrong.

Visit to learn more

Individual lessons, drumming circles, ensembles.

Artistic Development

Artist Mentorship Program

Pairing emerging artists with experienced mentors to foster growth, learning, and collaboration.

One-on-one mentorship, portfolio development, networking

Artist-in-Residence Program

Artists partnering with community organizations, schools, and businesses to collaborate in creative problem solving, create new works, educate, and engage community.

Residency development, community engagement.

Creative Workshops for Corporates

Offering art-based workshops for a unique team-building experience in the corporate world.

Art-based team-building workshops, corporate training through music.

Community Engagement

Community Art Projects

Fostering community engagement and collaboration through art initiatives such as mural projects and collaborative art installations.

Community mural projects,
art therapy sessions,
community gardens.

Volunteer Internship Opportunities

Providing opportunities to become an integral part of our community, gaining valuable experience in the field of African arts and culture.

opportunities, internship
programs, community service

Membership and Patron Programs

Offering a range of exclusive benefits to members and patrons, supporting our mission to promote African arts globally.

Exclusive events, discounts on
programs, newsletter

Events and Festivals

Cultural Festivals and Celebrations

Hosting vibrant events showcasing the rich diversity of African cultures through music, dance, food, and traditions.

Themed cultural festivals, traditional performances, culinary festivals.

Podcasts and

Offering insightful discussions, interviews, and stories from the world of African arts and culture through digital

Podcast series, webinars on various topics, collaborative

Annual Awards Ceremony.

Celebrating the achievements and contributions of individuals and organizations in the field of African arts and culture.

Award presentations live
performances, keynote speeches.

Market and Exhibitions

African Arts

A vibrant space where artists and artisans showcase and sell their unique creations,ranging from paintings to sculptures and more.

arts market, workshops by
artists, art auctions.

Collaborative Projects and Partnerships

Fostering connections between artists, organizations, and communities to create a vibrant network that supports the African arts scene globally.

Collaborative art projects,
partnership opportunities,
networking events.

Virtual Exhibitions

Offering a digital platform for artists to showcase their work to a global audience.

Online art
exhibitions, virtual gallery
tours, artist interviews.

Resources and Research

Resource Library and Archives

A rich repository of knowledge on African arts and culture, offering a wealth of resources for researchers, students, and enthusiasts.

Library with diverse resources, digital archives, research

Research and Development

A hub fostering research into the diverse fields of African arts and culture, encouraging scholarly exploration through various initiatives.

Research grants, seminars and
conferences, publications and

Educational Workshops and Seminars

Providing educational opportunities to deepen understanding and skills in African arts and culture.

 Workshops on various art forms, seminars on cultural history and significance, panel

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