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At-risk youth to achieve a higher GPA in school and become community leaders

Working, single parents to apply for better-paying jobs.

Veterans to access quality healthcare services.

Individuals experiencing homelessness to access affordable housing info

Isolated seniors to reconnect with loved ones and engage with their community

People to live healthier lives on a cleaner planet thru computer reuse vs. disposal

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Support Us

1- Purpose-Driven Organizations​

Build a more inclusive society and competitive economy through support of the digital equity movement. Opportunities to collaborate on digital inclusion practices with our 1500+ member organizations promote corporate cooperation and leadership.

2- Corporate Social Responsibility & ESG

Corporate focus on digital equity boosts employee engagement, heightens recruitment and retention, increases staff loyalty and job satisfaction, and builds a positive corporate culture.

3- Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Social Governance (ESG) efforts around technology reuse provides measurable business benefits. These include reduced environmental impacts and financial costs. Increased consumer awareness of corporate environmental and sustainability practices helps to differentiate.

4- Positive Brand Positioning​

Promotional and community engagement opportunities connected to digital inclusion showcase your organization’s commitment to the community. It builds both customer and consumer goodwill by helping people see your company as a positive force-for-good.

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